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Which Product Is For You?


It is well known that networking industrial plant data is not without risk. Regardless of which software you use, or protocol, they all require at least ONE open port on the firewall… until today.

Skkynet offers a SaaS platform that provides secure end-to-end networking for plant, devices, and industrial systems. No open ports = no attack surface on your devices or your plant. In addition, SkkyHub also offers a full featured web-based HMI for remote access and supervisory control. This platform can be implemented on virtually any new or existing system at zero capital cost and requires no programming.


Your First Choice for in plant data acquisition, visualization and networking.

The DataHub allows you to connect to multiple data sources and clients such as OPC, Modbus, TCP, ODBC, and more. You can tunnel (network) OPC data across any network, securely and without DCOM issues, Bridge OPC and other data servers for M2M connectivity, guarantee data integrity with hot-standby redundancy, feed live data to Excel spreadsheets for real-time calculations, or visualize your data with a full-featured web-based HMI.

IoT-Enabled Gateways

Devices loaded with Skkynet’s embedded toolkit (ETK) provide the most secure and network efficient solution on the market. These devices can connect to either SkkyHub or the DataHub for data networking, data visualization using our Web-based HMI, and remote monitor or supervisory control from almost anywhere.  You can now say goodbye to the PC; it is no longer required!

Financial VINE™

Skkynet provides specific products for financial applications. Our software supports robust and secure, real-time, two-way networking for Excel spreadsheets, as well as any live data feed that offers a DDE interface.