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Industrial SaaSへの効果的なアプローチは何ですか?

From time to time, new industrial automation technologies come along that provide cost savings, better performance, and ease of use—new links for the chain. One of the latest of these is software as a service (SaaS), that provides access to hosted software over a network, typically the Internet, and is closely related to the concepts of smart factories, cloud computing, and the Industrial IoT. SaaS can open opportunities for industrial automation, but to be truly useful, it should be secure, quick, and robust, as well as adaptable and convenient to use.

Can I Store and Forward OPC Data?

It seems reasonable to ask if it is possible to store and forward OPC data. Nobody wants to lose their data if there is a network problem or the connection gets broken. A deeper understanding of OPC helps clarify what is necessary, and what is possible.

Relational Database or Real-Time Historian for Logging Process Data?

Which is the best tool for logging industrial data – a relational database or a real-time historian? Each has its advantages and drawbacks.

Redundancy for OPC

Implementing redundancy for OPC can make a system more robust, and provide an extra measure of security–as long as it is done well.